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Special Council Meeting - December 20th

At this special meeting, first up, Mayor McArdle will present a Good Neighbor Award. These awards recognize the great work volunteers do to make our city such a great place to live.

Finance Director, Gloria Bustch, will brief Council about a MINET - Independence Promissory Note Agreement. Since December 2012, the cities of Independence and Monmouth have “loaned” funds to MINET to cover debt payments when MINET was unable to pay the full amount of those payments. MINET currently has 16 promissory notes outstanding with the City of Independence. The first payment on these promissory notes is due on December 31, 2022. The city managers and finance directors of both cities have been working with MINET management on an agreement that consolidates the promissory notes into one for each city and making the first payment due date December 31, 2023. MINET has been able to make 100% of their debt payments for this (calendar) year and project that they will make 100% of their debt payments going forward.

We'll also discuss a parks naming policy. The proposed policy would create a process for anyone from the public, city staff or elected officials to initiate a naming process, which would be reviewed by the Parks and Recreation Board. The Board would be required to hold at least one opportunity for public comment on the proposed name or names, and greater input could be solicited for particularly significant parks or facilities. While the Parks and Recreation Board would review and recommend 1-3 names for approval, the City Council would be the ultimate authority that selects the name.

And finally, we'll go into Executive Session (not open to the public) to evaluate City Manager Kenna West's performance. For those who are unaware, City Council hires the City Manager.

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