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Thank you Independence voters!

I am thrilled to have another term to serve this great community! I'm grateful to the voters who researched the issues and voted accordingly. Here are some of the things I plan to focus on in my next term.

  • Continued emphasis on addressing homelessness in Independence and providing services to prevent future homelessness. I hope to retain my position as the City's rep to the Mid-Willamette Valley Homeless Alliance.

  • A new emphasis on seniors in our community. None of us is getting younger and by working with Monmouth Community Senior Center, I hope to bring seniors to the forefront in 2023. More to come on an exciting project.

  • Renewed energy, fueled in part to the fact that we have a new City Manager, to work with our Finance Director to further simplify the City budget and narrative. Every member of our community needs to be able to understand where their taxes go.

  • Encourage the City staff and Council to keep pushing on engagement...take more and more Council and city planning out into the community to engage working families and others who can't find the time to attend in person or online.

  • Continued work on implementing the community's Vision 2040 plan.

And so much more...

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