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Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and Council!

First off, we're going to review a resident application to the Parks & Recreation Commission. All board, committee, and commission applications come to Council for review and approval. Anyone can apply. However, with Budget Committee and the Planning Commission, the Mayor makes the nominations and brings them to Council for review and approval.

The Mayor will, since the meeting falls on the holiday, officially recognize Valentine's Day.

Gloria Butsch, the City Finance Director, will present the 2nd Quarter 2033-23 Financial Report. She will be followed by a staff report from Natascha Adams, the Heritage Museum Director. Department directors have been providing these reports in keeping with the City Manager's effort to inform Council and highlight the great work the staff is doing. These focused presentations are very helpful as we move into budget season.

In the area of new business, we'll discuss a proposed Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) with the Mid-Willamette Valley Council of Governments (MWVCOG). This is in relation to the closed city pool. From the staff memo: "The Independence community has shown great interest in developing a concept for the location that could include a community center, pool, and/or other public use amenities. As there are multiple and varied opinions throughout the community on how best to proceed with this opportunity for an updated public use amenity at the location, staff would like to reach out to the community for their input on what public use amenities they would prefer at the site and correlate this information into usable data to provide to the Council." As discussed at our goal setting session last week, Council wants to continue seeking partnerships to support our objectives and this is one example -- we're asking the MWVCOG to manage the survey process for us to solicit input from the community. This is a great way to leverage a partner like MWVCOG which has more capacity then the staff does. The proposed IGA outlines the details.

And finally, Council will move downstairs to the Event Center for a work session on a Paving Index.

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