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What's happening at City Council

We're meeting tomorrow, March 28th, at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers (2nd floor of the Independence Civic Center).

We're going to start out with some Council updates:

Councilor Schwarzler will update us on Minet and what's going on with the Parks and Recreation Commission.

Councilor Jobe will give us an update on Independence Days planning.

Then we will launch into some new Public Works business, led by the Gerald Fisher, the PW Director.

  • Public Hearing: LA-2023-01, Water System Master Plan (Staff: Fisher)

Staff Report, LA-2023-01

Staff Report, LA-2023-01, Exhibit A

Staff Report, LA-2023-01, Exhibit B

  • Council Bill #2023-01, Amends Independence Comprehensive Plan and Adopts Water Master Plan (Staff: Fisher)

Council Action Memo

CB 2023-01, Adopts WMP, Amends Comp Plan

CB 2023-01, Adopts WMP, Exhibit A

CB 2023-01, Adopts WMP, Exhibit B

CB 2023-01, Adopts WMP, Exhibit C

Afterward, City Recorder, Karin Johnson will discuss:

  • Resolution #23-1580, Bank Account Signature Authorizations (Staff: Johnson)

Council Action Memo

Resolution #23-1580, Bank Account Signature Authorizations

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